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==This is an Outline of a General Advance-Placement (AP) Statistics Curriculum==
#REDIRECT [[Probability and statistics EBook]]
Each topic discussed in the SOCR AP Curricumum should contain the following subsections:
* '''Motivation/Problem''': A real data set and fundamental challenge.
* '''Approach''': Strategies for solving the problem, data understanding & inference.
* '''Model Validation''': Checking/affirming underlying assumptions.
* '''Computational Resources''': Internet-based SOCR Tools (offline resources, e.g., tables).
* '''Examples''': computer simulations and real observed data.
* '''Hands-on activities''': Step-by-step practice problems.
===Introduction to Statistics===
====The Nature of Data & Variation====
====Uses and Abuses of Statistics ====
====Design of Experiments ====
====Statistics with Calculators and Computers====
===Describing, Exploring, and Comparing Data===
====Summarizing data with Frequency Tables ====
====Pictures of Data ====
====Measures of Central Tendency ====
====Measures of Variation ====
====Measures of Position ====
====Exploratory Data Analysis ====
====Addition Rule ====
====Multiplication Rule ====
====Probabilities through Simulations ====
====Counting ====
===Probability Distributions===
====Random Variables ====
====Bernoulli & Binomial Experiments ====
====Geometric, HyperGeometric & Negative Binomial====
====Mean, Variance, and Standard Deviation for the Binomial Distribution ====
====Poisson Distribution====
===Normal Probability Distributions===
====The Standard Normal Distribution ====
====Nonstandard Normal Distribution: Finding Probabilities ====
====Nonstandard Normal Distributions: Finding Scores ====
===Relations Between Distributions===
====The Central Limit Theorem ====
====Law of Large Numbers===
====Normal Distribution as Approximation to Binomial Distribution ====
====Poisson Approximation to Binomial Distribution ====
====Binomial Approximation to HyperGeometric====
====Normal Approximation to Poisson====
===Estimates and Sample Sizes===
====Estimating a Population Mean: Large Samples ====
====Estimating a Population Mean: Small Samples ====
====Estimating a Population Proportion ====
====Estimating a Population Variance====
===Hypothesis Testing===
====Fundamentals of Hypothesis Testing ====
====Testing a Claim about a Mean: Large Samples ====
====Testing a Claim about a Mean: Small Samples ====
====Testing a Claim about a Proportion ====
====Testing a Claim about a Standard Deviation or Variance====
===Inferences from Two Samples===
====Inferences about Two Means: Dependent Samples ====
====Inferences about Two Means: Independent and Large Samples ====
====Comparing Two Variances ====
====Inferences about Two Means: Independent and Small Samples====
====Inferences about Two Proportions ====
===Correlation and Regression===
====Correlation ====
====Regression ====
====Variation and Prediction Intervals ====
====Multiple Regression ====
===Multinomial Experiments and Contingency Tables===
====Multinomial Experiments: Goodness-of-Fit ====
====Contingency Tables: Independence and Homogeneity====
===Statistical Process Control===
====Control Charts for Variation and Mean ====
====Control Charts for Attributes====

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