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''' *********Attention Mac 10.5 user, when copying and pasting results, or sometimes data, please use SELECT/DRAG/DROP with the mouse.**********'''
''' *****Attention Mac 10.5 users, when copying and pasting Analyses results, or sometimes data, use the mouse to SELECT/DRAG/DROP.******'''
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*****Attention Mac 10.5 users, when copying and pasting Analyses results, or sometimes data, use the mouse to SELECT/DRAG/DROP.******

This is a general help for the SOCR Analyses Java Applets. See the SOCR Analysis Activities and the list of SOCR analyses


These interactive analyses applets allow you to:

  • Enter data. Currently there are three ways available to obtain data:
  1. Using the SOCR built-in example datasets by first clicking on the EXAMPLE and followed by the DATA button. They are from various commonly used college and graduate level statistics textbooks. Please see each Analysis Help pages for specific references.
  2. Use random dataset generated by the SOCR Analyses RANDOM EXAMPLE button.
  3. Copy from a text file with data or a spreadsheet.
  • Calculate various statistics, critical values and p-values.
  1. The MAPPING button must be clicked to map the variables, e.g. assigning variables to either the regressor or the response, in a simple linear regression.
  2. After all the above it set, the CALCULATE button generates statistical results.
  • Summarize the results.
  1. The RESULT button leads to statistical results such as summary statistics and parameter estimates. The form and contents of the result depends on type of analyses.
  2. The GRAPH button displays data scatter plots, regression diagnostics, etc.
  • If you don't like something you did, or want to clear a previous example, use the CLEAR button. Note that this also clears out the data you entered earlier.
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Special User Interface for the Normal Power Analyses

The Normal Power Analyses use a different set of buttons: SELECT PARAMETERS and COMPARE CURVES. More details are provided in the Power Analysis for Normal Distribution tutorials.


Tutorials are available for the analyses of:

Command-Line Interfaces to SOCR Computational Statistics Libraries

In addition to accessing the SOCR analyses libraries via the SOCR Analyses graphical user interface, SOCR users may access the computational SOCR Analyses libraries via shell-based command-line interface on their local machines. More information about these interfaces is available at the command-line analyses interface pages.


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