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SOCR Project - Distributome Game 2 Project

Distributome Project


Probability mass/density functions describe the likelihood of random variables to take certain values. The Probability Distributome provides resources for exploring the intrinsic distribution characteristics and the intricate relations between different probability distributions, which are in many areas of scientific exploration. One of the aspects of the Distributome is to design and implement interactive webapps for motivation and enhancing the learning experiences of probability theory, modeling and applications. The first Distributome game provides an interactive web-game for matching real-live problems with specific probability distribution models. In this project, Distributome Game 2, we need to design a new webapp game that allows users to match randomly generated pairs of graphs, the first one representing the density/mass functions of different probability distribution models, and the second frequency histograms of randomly-generated samples from various distributions.

Project Goals

Review the Probability Distributome Project, which provides an intuitive, efficient, portable and extensible infrastructure for exploring, navigating, discovering and expanding the knowledge (meta-data) about the internal distribution properties and characteristics, and inter-distributional relations. Play the first Distributome game and think of a webapp design that provides a platform agnostic and efficient interface for the new Distributome game. We need an intuitive, extensible and efficient implementation.

Project Specifics

Project Source


  • (Easy) Enable the Editor functionality (DistributomeEditor.html, XML_Editor button) in the main Navigator window (DistributomeNavigator.html).
  • (Creative) Enable the drag-and-drop functionality for selecting in the graph a node/distribution or an edge/relation and dropping them to populate the XML editor fields.
  • (Easy) Test that newly-generated XML can be saved and consumed by the Navigator and displayed appropriately in the graph.
  • (Creative) Review this slight redesign spec of the XML DB (Distributome.xml) and the suggested solution and see if you can implement a pilot that utilizes the new pair of XML(nodes/edges)+BiBTeX(references), replacing the current XML DB (Distributome.xml). Note that the project spec page already includes a specific solution; we just need to think about the packaging of the solution with the new XML/BiBTeX format.
  • (Creative) Consider the redesign of the Editor according to these schematic diagrams Fig1 and Fig2. Consider designing a lightweight HTML5/JQuery/JavaScript and explore the smooth horizontal and vertical tabs (e.g., dynamic tabs).
  • (Creative Open-ended) A complete redesign of the entire Distributome website - e.g., using Bootstrap 2+, V2 dynamic panels, etc.
  • Additional tasks - these are creative bonus tasks that can be completed as time permits
    • Unify the 4 Distributome Searches (web-site, blog, wiki, XML DB).
    • Save-View: Ability to save a specific View of the Distributome Navigator for others to see/publish (perhaps via the Preferences functionality, below).
    • Pref XML file: Allow user specifications of node/edge/selected/properties, color-maps, etc.


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