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[http://citnews.unl.edu/presentations/areacharts.html Area Charts].
[http://citnews.unl.edu/presentations/areacharts.html Area Charts].
The aims of this activity are to:
The aims of this activity are to:

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SOCR Area Charts Activity


This activity describes the construction of the area chart in SOCR. The applets can be accessed at SOCR Charts. For more references: Wikipedia, Percent Area Charts, Area Charts.


The aims of this activity are to:

  • show the importance of the area chart
  • illustrate how to use SOCR to construct an area chart

Background & Motivation

Area Charts show related data groups. Each group adopts a different value of area in which the sum of all the groups equal to the total area of the data set or 100% of the data. Area charts is similar to a combination of Pie Charts and Bar Charts in which it implies the proportion of each group with two variables of a chart.


Go to the SOCR Charts and select Area Charts from the items located on the left:

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The image above is a demonstration of an Area Chart. Notice that each group has a different color of area so that it they are easily distinguishable and overlapping of the graphs may be observed.

Stacking Area Charts do not allow observers to see groups overlap:

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Notice that values may be negative.

XY Area Charts are used to compare two variables as shown in the image below:

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Data Type and Format

By clicking Data inbetween the Graph and Mapping button, it allows users to input or vary the values of the data set. There are two different types of data that is allowed for plotting data points which are one categorical variable (e.g., Series) and the remaining values as quantitative variables (numerical values). Below these values list the statistical values for each categorical value as demonstrated in the following image:

SOCR Activities AreaCharts Chui 090707 Fig4.jpg

Examples and Exercises

One of the most persuasive elements when proposing data and literature to others is a well-designed chart presentation.

For example, students have the ability to display their outcome of a Statistics project of comparing frequency and time. By using the Area Chart application, frequency will be the vertical axis and time will be the horizontal axis. The shaded areas under each group may be easily shown and compared by using the Area Chart.

For companies, Area Charts are often useful to compare the growth of business from different years.

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