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SOCR News - 2010 SOCR Presentation at the 2010 JMM NSF/DUE PI Meeting


  • Meeting: PI of NSF/DUE funded projects in Statistics Education
  • Organizers: Dennis Pearl; Joan Garfield
  • Date/Time: Tuesday, January 12, 2010, 3:30-8:00 PM
  • Place: Pacific room J, Marriott Hotel, 55 4th St, in San Francisco.

SOCR Presentation

Other projects

Below is a lost of 2003-2009 NSF awards involving statistics education.

Award ID PI name Program Title
0310932 Carl Lee CCLIa Implementing Activity-based Cooperative Learning and Technology (ACT Curriculum) in Statistics Courses for Non-majors and K-12 Preservice Teachers
0341210 Fred Speed CCLIb Improving the Quality of and Access to Undergraduate Statistics Education
0333672 Dennis Pearl NSDL CAUSEweb: A Digital Library of Undergraduate Statistics Education
0410586 Bessie Kirkwood CCLIa Biostatistics: A Second Statistics Course Preparing Undergraduates for Research
0442630 Dennis Pearl CCLIc CAUSEway: Workshops for Navigating the Terrain of Undergraduate Statistics
0443088 Ginger Rowell & Scott McDaniel CCLIb Discovery Learning via pre-Learning in Statistics
0442992 Ivo Dinov CCLIb Statistics Online Computational Resource for Education
0535912 Joan Garfield CCLI1 Adapting and Implementing Innovative Materials in Statistics Courses (AIMS)
0510550/0510392 Linda Collins & Shonda Kuiper CCLIa Integrating Science and Active Learning into Data-Oriented Post-Calculus Probability and Statistics Courses
0618790 Dennis Pearl CCLI2 CAUSEmos: CAUSE Making Outreach Sustainable for Statistics Educators
0618865 Deborah Nolan CCLI2 Computing in Statistics: Model Courses and Curricula
0633264 Robb Sinn CCLI1 Authentic, Career-Based, Discovery Learning Projects in Introductory Statistics
0633349 Allan Rossman CCLI1 Concepts of Statistical Inference: A Randomization-Based Curriculum
0716055 Ivo Dinov & Nicolas Christou CCLI2 Statistics Online Computational Resource for Education
0715039 Bernard Madison CCLI2 Quantitative Reasoning in the Contemporary World
0737481 Dennis Pearl CCLI1 Building a sSolid Foundation for Multidisciplinary STEM Education Research
0737126 Robert Gould CCLI1 Creating a Teaching & Learning Infrastructure for Introductory Statistics Redesign
0814433/0816319 Joan Garfield & Allan Rossman CCLI2 The CATALSTS Project, Change Agents for Teaching and Learning Statistics
0808918/ 0814433 Dennis Pearl & Joan Garfield CCLI National Statistics Teaching Practice Survey: Planning and on-line logistics/ Instrument Development
0817262/ 0817397 Webster West & Roger Woodard CCLI2 INCIST: Improving National acceptance of Computing Intensive Statistical Techniques
0920350 Daniel Kaplan CCLI Phase II: Building a Community around Modeling, Statistics, Computation, & Calculus
0937989 Eric Simoneau NSDL STATS4STEM.ORG: Enriching STEM education through real-world data sets, computing, and statistical analysis

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