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SOCR News & Events: Statistics Online Computational Resource (SOCR) - An Infrastructure for Technology-enhanced Trans-disciplinary Education



  • Title: Statistics Online Computational Resource (SOCR) - An Infrastructure for Technology-enhanced Trans-disciplinary Education.
  • Format: This will be an interactive hands-on presentation. Attendees are strongly encouraged to bring their internet-connected laptops and try all the presented SOCR tools, materials and resources live during the presentation.
  • Abstract: Three of the main challenges in modern science education revolve around improving student motivation, engaging students via hands-on activities, and blending IT, conceptual learning and pedagogical techniques into the modern curriculum. SOCR provides web-based open-access to a suite of data, visualization, statistical, analytical, modeling tools (Java-Applets and HTML5-webapps), as well as learning materials and instructional resources. All SOCR resources ( are open-source, collaboratively developed, multilingual and embrace trans-disciplinary interactions via Cloud services. In this interactive hands-on presentation we will showcase examples of probability calculators, statistics analysis tools, data modeling, visualization, virtual games, simulations and experiments. Attendees are encouraged to bring their laptops (modern Java/JavaScript-enabled browsers and Internet connection are required) to explore and try out different tools during the presentation.
  • Slides: PDF slidedeck.
  • Hands-on Examples:

Advantages of the SOCR IT-Enhanced Blended Instruction Resources

The SOCR technology-enhanced blended instruction model to K-12 science-education has the following advantages:

  • Multi-lingual support: All materials are auto-translated into 24 different languages;
  • Trans-disciplinary: The SOCR learning materials, tools and activities are community-built and cover domain specific and trans-disciplinary topics (e.g., mathematics, statistics, biomedical, and computational);
  • Open-access: All SOCR resources are always freely and openly accessible to all (students, teachers and the community) and can be customized for specific curricular needs;
  • Blended Instructional Model: the SOCR learning resources blend information technology, open-datasets, scientific techniques and modern pedagogical concepts.

Main SOCR Servers

Classes of SOCR Resources

  • About SOCR: Learn more about the SOCR projects, team, publications, licenses and organization, and discover the broad spectrum of computational and instructional materials.
  • Java Applets: A collection of Java applets demonstrating probability, statistics, mathematics and engineering concepts. These include probability calculators, statistics analysis tools, data modeling and visualization, virtual games, simulations and experiments.
  • SOCR Books: SOCR Internet-based probability, statistics, applied methods and healthsciences books, including the Probability and Statistics EBook, the Scientific Methods for Health Sciences (SMHS) EBook and other textbooks referencing SOCR resources. The EBooks are community-built, open-access, multilingual, and blend information technology, scientific techniques, modern pedagogical concepts and data-driven demonstrations.
  • Navigators: Graphical, keyword and hyperbolic navigators for traversing, discovery and exploration of the variety of SOCR resources.
  • Webapps: A collection of portable modern HTML5 Webapps.
  • SOCR Publications


Please complete this brief (1-page) survey/inquiry form and provide your anonymous comments, ideas and critiques regarding the workshop organization and the presented SOCR materials. The organizers appreciate your time end effort to complete this survey and help us improve our education and training efforts.

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