USCOTS 2007 Program

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SOCR News, Events & Announcements - USCOTS 2007 Program

2nd US Conference on Teaching Statistics (USCOTS) meeting May 17-19, 2007, Ohio

Thursday 5/17/07

Time Activity
3:00-7:00pm Registration (Forum set-up materials available in tent)
5:30-7:00pm Kickoff Party
7:00-8:00pm Vendor Receptions / Forum I set up

Friday 5/18/07

Time Activity
7:00-8:00am Registration / Continental Breakfast / Forum I set up
8:00-8:20 Welcome to USCOTS!
8:20-9:20 Plenary Session
Speaker Allan Rossman
9:30-10:30 Forum I (Posters, demos and beyond) / Cluster meetings
10:30– 11:00 Break / Forum I take down
11:00-12:20 Breakout Sessions #1
1. Brad Hartlaub* and Daren Starnes How AP Exams are Graded
2. Bob delMas, Randall Groth, Larry Lesser, Jackie Miller “I Wonder…From Question to Research”
3. Larry Lesser, Dennis Pearl “Using Fun to Take Statistics Teaching to the Next Level!”
4. Roxy Peck The Gorillas of Introductory Statistics
5. Norean Sharpe* and Julie Legler “Using Statistics for Service Learning”
6. Michelle Everson and Andrew Zieffler “GAISE 2007 – A Statistics Odyssey”
7. Dick DeVeaux (2nd course)
8. Brian Smith TYC and teacher development
Computer Lab
1. Tisha Hooks, Chris Malone, Nicole Williams Improving Students’ Understanding of Scatterplots
2. Kythrie Silva Managing your Computer Lab with NetSupport School
12:30-1:30 Lunch in tent, Pfahl, restaurant
1:45-2:45 Plenary Session
Speaker Jessica Utts
2:45 – 3:00 Short Break
3:00-4:20 Breakout Sessions #2
1. David Spohn APStat (TI graphing calculators)
2. John Holcomb, Marsha Lovett, Andy Zieffler, Sterling Hilton “What Can we Learn from Quantitative Data in Statistics Education Research?”
3. Phyllis Curtiss, John Gabrosek, Kirk Anderson, David Coffey, Neal Rogness, Paul Stephenson, Mary Richardson “The Statistics Activity Six Pack”
4. Mary Parker and Karen Kinard TYC
5. Marjorie Bond “Using Student Evaluations and Measurement Instruments to Improve your Teaching”
6. Paul Roback and Carolyn Cuff “Careers in Teaching Statistics – Preparing to Teach at the Next Level”
7. George Cobb and Danny Kaplan 2nd course
8. Christopher Bilder and Christopher Malone “Using Tablet PCs to Improve Teaching and Learning”

Computer Lab

1. Webster West “Integrating Stat Crunch into your Course”
2. Ivo Dinov, Juana Sanchez & Nicolas Christou “Teaching and Learning Statistics with Statistics Online Computational Resources (SOCR)”
4:30 – 5:30 Technology demo sessions by vendors (in classrooms);
• Coffee Table discussions
• Micro breakout sessions (cluster meetings, small group discussions)
• Special Presentation by Joan Garfield “Collaboration in Statistics Education Research:
Stories, Reflections, and Lessons Learned”
5:30-6:30 Break / Forum II set-up / transportation begins at 5:30 to Buckeye Hall of Fame Café
6:30-8:30pm Banquet and Awards (Buckeye Hall of Fame Cafe)
Dinner Speaker Dick DeVeaux
8:30-10:30pm Transportation back to Blackwell/Holiday Inn/University Plaza

Saturday 5/19/07

Time Activity
7:30-8:00 Registration / Forum II set-up
8:00-8:20 Welcome to USCOTS!/Announcements
8:20-9:20 Plenary Session
Speaker Mike Shaughnessy
9:30-10:30 Forum II (Posters, demos and beyond) / Cluster meetings
10:30-11:00 Break / Forum II tear down
11:00-12:20 Breakout Sessions #3
1. John Diehl, Robin Levine-Wissing, Tim Sirois “The Next Level in AP Statistics -The Concepts Behind the Formulae”
2. Beth Chance, Joan Garfield, Paul Roback, Mike Shaughnessy “Connecting Research to Practice: Collaboration, Mixed Methods, and Lessons Learned”
3. Christine Franklin “Developing the Optimal Undergraduate Statistics Major”
4. Mark Haug “Teaching Basic Experimental Design with Stat-a-pults and other Hands-On Activities”
5. Roxy Peck Research results on Clickers
6. Amy Froelich and Robert Stephenson “How Much Does a Single M&M Weigh? Activities for Engaging Students in Statistical Discovery”
7. Robin Lock 2nd course
8. Martha Aliaga Activities for Introductory Statistics
Computer Lab
1. Ginger Rowell Causeweb
2. Ryan Hayes Podcasting
12:30-1:30 Lunch in tent, Pfahl, restaurant
1:45-2:45 Plenary Session
Speaker Paul Velleman
2:45-3:30 Closing Session
Special Panel Discussion Question and Answer Session with USCOTS Plenary Speakers
Floor Discussion
  • session must be held at this day/time due to the speaker’s schedule restrictions

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